Logo Design Concept – Watt Electric Cars

Project overview

I had the exciting opportunity to work on a captivating project for Magnetinc Marketing, where I was entrusted with creating a logo for an electric car.

The Brief

My client had a clear vision in mind—they wanted a logo that would visually convey the essence of energy and electricity, preferably resembling a lightning bolt. This logo had to be highly versatile, serving as a distinctive emblem for electric cars while seamlessly adapting to various marketing and business applications.

Our Approach

This project presented a unique opportunity to craft a logo that not only captured the electric and dynamic nature of the product but also possessed a timeless quality. It needed to be adaptable for diverse branding and marketing needs.

To achieve this, I began by immersing myself in the client’s vision and understanding their target audience thoroughly. Extensive research into the electric car industry’s branding and logo trends helped me gather inspiration and ensure our logo would stand out. I sketched numerous lightning bolt designs and explored various typography options. The design process involved multiple iterations and refinements until we achieved the perfect logo.