Contract Work for Skye Distribution

Contract overview

For The Design Forge by Allon Designs, the contract with Skye Distribution represented an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a prominent company specializing in the distribution and marketing of diverse brands, particularly in the fashion and lifestyle sector. This independent contract aimed to leverage my expertise as a Senior Graphic Designer to contribute to Skye Distribution’s brand identity, visual campaigns, and marketing efforts.

Hands-on Approach

The approach was rooted in a commitment to maintaining brand integrity while delivering visually compelling campaigns. I engaged with Skye’s marketing team and stakeholders to understand their unique needs and design requirements. By leveraging Adobe Creative Suite tools and staying adaptable, I ensured that design solutions resonated with each brand’s identity.

  • Collaborated with Skye’s marketing team and stakeholders to deliver high-quality design outcomes across a portfolio of renowned brands.
  • Managed all aspects of visual design, ensuring strict adherence to brand corporate identity for lead generation through various marketing channels, including visual campaigns, social media, events, and in-store advertising.
  • Handled the visual elements not only for Skye Distribution but also for its holding company, LA Brands.
  • Successfully balanced multiple design projects simultaneously, maintaining a high standard of quality and meeting project deadlines.
  • Utilized Adobe Creative Suite, including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, to execute design tasks with precision.
  • Presented and communicated design concepts effectively to clients and colleagues.
  • Demonstrated adaptability by creatively aligning with the unique aesthetics of each brand.
  • Managed branding projects and executed daily corporate design tasks.
  • Contributed innovative thinking to the development of new design concepts and campaign ideas.
  • Ensured the alignment of existing design projects with evolving brand strategies.
  • Oversaw the conversion of designs to print, ensuring a consistent brand appearance.
  • Completed design projects promptly by incorporating drafts, feedback, and iterative processes.
  • Collaborated effectively with colleagues to support Skye Distribution’s design objectives.

The Opportunity

The opportunity to work with Skye Distribution presented a chance to immerse in the fashion and lifestyle industry, collaborating with well-established brands. It allowed for the application of creativity and design expertise to elevate brand visuals and contribute to successful marketing campaigns.

The Results

Through this contract, I successfully managed design projects for Skye Distribution’s diverse brand portfolio. The outcomes included visually appealing campaigns, consistent brand adherence, and high-quality marketing materials. I expanded my skills in brand development, typography, and meticulous attention to detail, providing innovative design solutions that met the organization’s objectives. Effective collaboration with colleagues contributed to driving Skye Distribution’s marketing efforts forward.

2.5 Years

Consistent Design Service

Loerie Award Nominee

IT RUNS DEEP | Dickies Campaign | 2019


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