Legal Grow | Black Friday | 3D modelling & Rendering

Project overview

For this exciting project, I aimed to create visually striking banner images to promote the brand’s Black Friday campaign. This project presented a unique opportunity to showcase massive savings on selected grow equipment, with discounts of up to 40%. The banners also emphasised the convenience of nationwide product delivery across South Africa, making it an attractive proposition for customers. With Black Friday deals running until December 3, 2020, or until stocks lasted, the project was geared towards maximising engagement and conversions during this high-demand shopping period.

The Oportunity

The opportunity lay in harnessing the visual impact of 3D modeling and rendering to create captivating banner images for LegalGrow ZA’s Black Friday campaign. The project aimed to leverage these images to convey the message of substantial discounts and nationwide delivery effectively. As Black Friday is a highly competitive shopping event, this opportunity required the creation of visuals that would not only stand out but also drive increased website traffic and sales.

The Approach

The approach involved employing Maxon Cinema 4D to create detailed and realistic 3D models of grow equipment. Additionally, all materials, lighting, rendering, image editing, layout, and display location were handled meticulously to ensure the banners achieved their desired visual impact. By maintaining complete control over the entire creative process, from modeling to image presentation, we ensured that the final results aligned with the brand’s aesthetics and effectively conveyed the Black Friday promotions.

Social Media

Email Marketing

The Results

The project yielded outstanding results, with over 100 sales recorded during the Black Friday promotional period. These impressive sales figures demonstrated the effectiveness of the 3D modeling and rendering approach in capturing customer attention and driving conversions. The visually stunning banners played a pivotal role in attracting and engaging customers, ultimately contributing to the brand’s success during this high-demand shopping event. This project underscored the value of creative and innovative visual marketing strategies in achieving substantial sales growth.


Products Sold


Increase in average sales

250% +

Increase in page views