It’s Grow Time | Legal Grow | 3D Design

Campaign overview

The “It’s Grow Time” campaign marked Legal Grow’s dynamic spring promotion in 2020. This initiative aimed to engage and excite the audience with visually striking 3D elements, showcasing various hydroponic and grow equipment from Legal Grow’s inventory. The campaign’s primary focus was on conveying the message of growth and the readiness to assist customers with their home growing needs, particularly during the spring season.


3D Design

I took charge of creating intricate 3D elements, including the inside of a hydroponics grow tent, a budding cannabis grow on a SCROG system, LED grow lights, fans, ducting, carbon filters, and more from Legal Grow's product range.

Visual Layouts

I meticulously designed diverse layouts tailored for various platforms, such as the website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns.

Lighting Experimentation

To achieve the desired visual effects, I conducted extensive lighting experiments, ensuring that each image conveyed the campaign's theme effectively.

The Opportunity

The “It’s Grow Time” campaign provided an exciting opportunity to harness the power of 3D design to promote Legal Grow’s products during the spring season. By crafting captivating visuals that showcased the range of grow equipment, we aimed to inspire customers to embark on their home growing journey.

Our Approach

I leveraged Maxon Cinema 4D to create detailed 3D elements that formed the heart of this campaign. These elements included a fully-furnished grow tent with a thriving cannabis grow, alongside various products from Legal Grow’s inventory. To emphasize the campaign’s message of growth and readiness, I incorporated whimsical, long yellow arms reaching into the grow tent, armed with scissors and a spray bottle. On top of the SCROG system, a large 3D “It’s Grow Time” lockup served as the central focus.

Smokey Green Ambient Lighting

Clear Realistic Lighting

The Results

The “It’s Grow Time” campaign delivered remarkable results, with a significant uptick in customer engagement and sales during the spring season. The 3D elements, creatively designed to reflect the essence of home growing, effectively captured the attention of the target audience. Across various platforms, including the website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns, the campaign visuals resonated with customers, encouraging them to explore Legal Grow’s product offerings. This project underscored the value of innovative visual marketing strategies in driving customer interest and boosting sales, ultimately contributing to the campaign’s success.


New buyers


Increase in average session duration


Increase in page views